I've had so much to do lately, and I haven't gotten hardly anything done! The one thing I did do, however - was relocate my store to a sim that has lower prims, and the parcel is slightly smaller. But, the price is fantastic, the location is even better, the sim has no lag, and I'm not paying for space and prims that I'm not using. So, win! And, I even decided to have another 50% off pose sale - because it's become tradition to have a sale whenever I move my store. :D

I finished the new build for the store (which is really just a modified version of the Barnesworth house that Jeffry and I live in now), and set up my vendors and stuff. I had to get rid of the store card system (but I will still honor store cards manually!), and change vendors - but I think its worth it.

With that scratched off my list - I started landscaping our sim, Cheys Cove. It took me almost 2 weeks, but I finally got the house somewhat in order, so now it's time to do some landscaping. The landscaping isn't even half finished, I have floating palm trees and beach grass all over the place - but I thought it was best to sit down the rocks first... then focus on trees... then grass. So, in my pictures, just ignore the floating landscape objects, I'm working on them xD


This was my starting point, where I just rezzed all the rocks I had so I can shift-drag them around as I need them. xD I love these rocks - they are gorgeous and only 2-3 prims for like a pile of them... but they are non-phantom. So, when walking, you occasionally run into an invisible wall near the rocks. Its just one of the things I sacrifice for beautiful landscaping I guess. xD


I only have the rocks on the chicken area done. xD I didn't realize it, but landscaping a whole sim is a lot of work, time consuming, and extremely exhausting.


I probably went a little crazy with the rocks, but I loooove a lot of them. Empty space kind of bothers me, so I use giant rocks to fill it. :D


I did take all my photos in the shadow viewer, and I just love the shadows on the water on this photo.


I've been eyeing these stepping stones from Organica for a while now. I just couldn't justify spending $500L on them when I only wanted one. It came in a pack of straight stones, curved stones, in like 5 different colors. I love them though. :D

It's my goal to have the whole sim completely landscaped by Sunday. :D