A couple weeks ago Jeffry and I expanded Byakuya, our land. I had around 5200sq meters previously - and when a neighbor moved... we decided to pick it up. So now - Byakuya is 8832sq meters, which is more land than I've ever had - and I'm officially paying enough tier for my home and my store to buy my own homestead. xD

But anyway. Jeffry has been on vacation for a couple days, so I've was amusing myself with playing with shadows last night. I landscaped the house earlier in the day and was so excited with how it came out... though I wish the awesome rocks I put down were phantom. Like omg - why would you make non-phantom sculpted rocks? And no mod at that? :O

I downloaded the new Kirsten's S18 viewer, hoping I can get some shadows, because her previous viewer's didn't give me any shadows at all. I downloaded it, installed it, and ran it - Yay! Shadows! And instead of getting 3 frames per second, I get 6-8 now! \o/ So I roamed around the house, looking for good shots.


I think our house is beautiful. I don't think Jeffry liked it at all when I got it, but I think he's coming around to it. xD Its a Barnesworth house - brand new, and I don't think its in the store yet. I was roaming around the sim looking at the houses when I spotted it, and it had a info board, so I bought it from there xD


I really love SL shadows, its amazing how such a normally boring picture can be brought to life with a couple shadows.


There are 2 main rooms in this house, one which is the bedroom - and another which is a huge, huge room. The huge room, I made into a hot tub area, sitting area and little mini kitchen. Sounds weird, but I think it's positioned well enough to work :D I was also so excited with this house, because I purchased one of those Intan Couple Poseball things. You load your couple's poses and dances in there, then it rezzes a set of poseballs for you when you click it. I've put some dances and some.... other couple's animations in there as well. Less clutter \o/


The bedroom. Jeffry brought this black and red bed with him when he moved in with me, which he was absolutely insistent on using. So, I had to plan the house around this bed, which is where my black and red theme came from... which is shown throughout the house. On the other side of this picture is a fireplace, and a small sitting area. ^^


Outside, with the non-phantom rocks. Seriously - WHY no mod? :O Ah well, the things we sacrifice for pretty landscaping items. :D


The pond. Jeffry wanted koi, and at one point probably had at least 20 physical koi in this tiny pond. I pleaded with him to get less laggy fish, and pleaded, pleaded, pleaded - until he eventually got frustrated with me and got some little flexi fish that swam around in circles. :D


This is where I spend most of my time. The chicken coop, where I keep my favorite chickens. I took a couple pieces from the barnesworth house - and modded a chicken coop from it - I think it turned out absolutely awesome, and I totally love it. Its perfect, and matches the house even better than I imagined it would. I just wish I could get those ugly blue lights off of the radi-o-statics. Looks like I'm breeding radioactive frogs under black lights or something :/