So, this blog post has been a little overdue. Ever since blogging about Jeffry's and my decision to have a SL baby, I've received several notecards and IMs of support, people telling me their stories and suggestions. I'm really happy that other people have experienced this - and are willing to share their experiences with me because really - I haven't seen a blog that explained how pregnancies worked in SL. I haven't found no tips, no mention of the best maternity clinics - nothing. So, I'm grateful to those who have dropped me notecards. They've really helped. :D

I was most worried about my friends though, as I said before. Shortly after blogging about our decision, I was cornered in group chat. Instead of telling me what a crappy choice I made - most of them seemed to be filled with curious questions about it. And, after all that, I was still accepted, and nothing has really changed at all, so I am sooooo relieved.

One of the questions I got was: Are you going to do the maternity clinic thing and all? Yes, we are! We eventually settled on Rock a Bye Babies Maternity and Birthing Center. When we went to check them out - they had physicians and nurses there when we TP'ed in to help us. This was probably the best looking clinic I've seen in SL, so I was sold on it. They helped us pick out a package that fit us. All we really wanted was the exams, lamaze and the actual birth. ^^

Saturday at 8am was our appointment. It didn't really go very well, considering I was ejected by security right after being TP'ed in. Which put me in a foul mood for the rest of the day. But, we rescheduled for later that day.


It was pretty realistic. They ask you questions about your pregnancy, like if your feet are swollen, or what your stress level is, and if you've had cramping or bleeding. Then you lay on the chair and they take the heart rate of the baby and all kinds of stuff. I've never been pregnant in RL, so all the information went completely over my head - but it was a really interesting experience. :D

At one point, after we came home - even Jeffry said it was realistic, almost like we were experiencing it in RL together xD