This is a blog post I've kind of been dreading. No, not because I regret my decision - because of the friends I might lose, the bad comments I might receive, or the loss of respect. I am prepared to be looked down upon for it, or possibly lose some friends over it, but its a decision Jeffry and I came to together, after discussing it often.

Jeffry/Sai - Shadows

We decided to have a prim baby. Yeah, I know. But no - not just the prim baby, we decided to go the whole pregnancy thing and all. (But don't worry, I will never wear a talking belly in public, or around anyone else. :P) I used to hate going shopping, and seeing pregnant avatars, or hearing prim stomachs tell the world that the mother-to-be needed vitamins, or anything. It was extremely annoying, and I really didn't want to be spammed by it all while I shopped for shoes. And, I never understood why someone would want to do that, in a perfect world, where you never had to worry about getting pregnant.

Tempura Island

However, I knew Jeffry wanted a SL marriage, and he brought the idea of a prim baby up occasionally. I skirted around the idea, because prim babies kinda scared the crap out of me (although, admitting, I had considered buying a prim baby a couple months ago for some kind of amusing pet). But, as I got to know Jeffry, my thoughts changed. I started to warm up to the idea of having a prim baby. I mean, after all - nurserys in SL are sooooooo cute, and I wanted to decorate one. And, the mix of my curiosity and being interested in how SL pregnancies worked - eventually... as I'm getting closer to booking a plane flight to meet him in RL, I agreed to have a baby with Jeffry.


I debated - should I keep it from my friends? Just hide in my house for 6 weeks? Should I come out and risk being the oddball pregnant girl who is the butt of all jokes? Should I risk losing my friends by telling them about it? I thought for several days. And, decided I will not hide, and this is how I want to spend my SL. I mean, I'm not just here to please other people, right? So, this is my blog post - saying my decision to have a baby with my partner, Jeffry.

I plan on writing about having a baby, showing pregnant pictures, writing about how crappy it is modding clothes for maternity is, making and blogging pregnancy poses I make, and even writing about lamaze and stuff. Yes, we signed up at a clinic to do the whole prenatal care, lamaze, and delivery things :P

So, if you see mah belleh growing - this is why. On August 17th, 2009, we will have a baby girl named Jasmine Arlene. :D