So, I lost a chicken a little while ago. It had lag-walked out of it's pen, went off-world, and returned to my inventory. Ever since then, I've been terrified of losing another one. These chickens are quite important to me, and they really aren't just 'virtual chickens'. But anyway. Ever since then, I started looking at homestead islands.

At first, it was just to amuse myself, to show me that I really couldn't afford one anyway, so I should just give up. But, as I looked, I began to really wish I had one. It became an obsession. I'd find a homestead I wanted and mull over ideas how to buy it in my head. And, somehow... Jeffry got into the obsession too. :O


He found this land, and it was love at first sight, for him, and me. It was the perfect island, I loved it as soon as I seen it. Well, aside from the ugly grass textures, those were really, really ugly (I actually think the first thing I said to him when I TP'ed in was something like 'These ground textures look like crap'). I adored the layout of the island, the hills, the lack of lag, the fact that we got estate rights, everything. We talked about how we could afford it, and after much complaining and mourning at my $L balance, I decided to buy it.

I was pretty much pissy about the cost of it all night, and poor Jeffry tried pretty much everything he could to cheer me up. I played with estate tools for a while, which was soooo amusing to me. Changing the water height, sending region messages, playing with the sun. It was a great 15 minutes of amusement. xD

But, after I got all that out of my system, I looked through my inventory for some sand to change the textures. It took me a good hour, but I eventually worked out how to use the ground textures tab, and got something I was really proud of.


The next morning I woke up, and instead of being all irritated about it again, it hit me that this island is ours, and is our little piece of paradise. I am extremely excited, happy, and I adored the island even more. The ground textures are perfect, beautiful, and it doesn't even need to be terraformed at all. I love it :D


So, I returned everything to the previous owner that morning, and set to work on moving in. I laid down our house, the chickens, and started putting out furniture. I think I got halfway through setting furniture out before I got bored and started looking for other things to do. xD