My two favorite things in Second Life right now: Jeffry, and our little family of chickens. I wrote about Jeffry in my previous post - now, I'm going to write about all the things that happened with our chickens within the past couple days.

I was literally being dragged to some stupid family event on July 4th. Which, I absolutely hate going to family things... so it put me in a really bad mood for the days leading up to the Fourth, because I was really dreading it. The day came - and I was feeling extremely irritable. Jeffry logged on, and I was still really down and irritated at everything. So, I went to take a shower for the family BBQ, and when I came back - he had a couple surprises for me. :O


Two 2nd Growth Ancient SionChicken eggs! I've been itching to buy some for weeks, but he would never let me - saying to "wait" and stuff. And, with the recent sprout of Ancient eggs among my circle of friends, it wasn't really helping my impatience to get an ancient. I've been really wanting one - so I was soooooo excited he got some for me. I yelled at him a lot (the poor guy), but I was excited, and somehow didn't care anymore about the BBQ. xD

We both waited by the chicken coop for 2 hours, waiting, waiting, waiting for them to hatch before I had to leave... begging to the eggs to give us a male and female pair. We waited some more, clicking the egg every 30 seconds, and then first one hatched. A female! we were soooo excited... until the second egg hatched to be another female. So, I told him that when I come back from the BBQ, we would go out, and I'd buy a couple more (we were determined to get a male and a female at that point, and they were reasonably cheap).


So, try number 2. I picked up 2 more 2nd Growth ancients - and one original double bright ancient. Out of a total of 5 eggs, at least ONE has to be a male, right? xD

We waited and waited again. The first one hatched - female. A couple minutes later - the second one - a MALE! Yay, it was so exciting. :D And then, the original ancient hatched to be yet, another female.


So, on July 4th, we welcomed Farrah, Mai, Eve, Danielle and Tyler to our chicken family. :D