Its been a while since my last post about the pregnancy. We've been having problems with the clinic, our doctor apparently couldn't turn off the security orb that surrounds the clinic, therefore - we've missed our second week appointment, and it has not been a good experience for Jeffry and I.

However, we did change doctors to one of the owners of the clinic, and I know I am much happier with this new doctor. She used voice, which made the experience much more real for me. She also explained the differences between prim babies and pros and cons of them to us. This visit was extremely helpful, and I wasn't irritated later about how it all went.


So, on Wednesday, I changed into my latest shape. I know time goes much faster in SL, but I can't help but think that pregnancies go way too fast in SL. I mean, by the time I mod a cute babydoll dress to fit my pregnant shape, I need to mod it all over the next week when I change to a bigger shape. XD But seeeee, you can still be cute while pregnant! :D

However, Jeffry pointed out that we only have a little over 2 weeks until the baby comes, and we better start planning things. So, I created an extra room off of our bedroom for our baby. Then we went to Zooby's and got the cutest pink nursery set and decorated the room. :D


I loooove the Zooby's set, its so cute! I just wish the stuff was copy, because the room is still extremely empty and bare looking for my tastes. But, my monies are still recouping from buying the whole set. We have a couple weeks left to finish it though, so I'm not really worried about it. It has a good headstart right now. XD


I think deep down somewhere I always wanted a nursery, because setting this up was totally fun. It's so cute and very pink, I worry little Jasmine Arlene will become blind from all the pinkness by the time she becomes a toddler. :O


I love this bench. Its probably my favorite piece in the whole set. Its no copy, so I can't really mod it to fit in the windows like I would like, but oh well. It has sit poses and stuff which works with the babies :D


The little changing table. This thing is soooo cute, and extremely primmy. But I still adore it.


The crib. Jeffry wanted it to be the focal point of the room, and said he wanted the crib to stand out more. So, I put my favorite sculpted curtains around it - and it turned out extremely well. The crib - has so many features, and even came with a whole novel length notecard that explains how it interacts with the Zooby babies.


And, as if we didn't have enough on our plate... the sionCorn came out - and I was there with a full sim trying to buy it. I bought 2 starter sets, waited 2 hours there, received none. Jeffry bought 2 as well, and got one... and gave it to me. So, we followed the instructions... fill bucket, add fertilizer, rez corncob... and waited for it to do something. 2 hours later, its still sitting there doing absolutely nothing. o.O