I haven't been around here much, mainly because I got another house. Since my computer came, I am able to come back down on land, away from the annoying moon and the skybox. So, I purchased another house, so I can come back down to land.

The house I liked, I lived in before - as a rental. But I loved it when I lived in it, so I decided to purchase it. Kamian wasn't fond of the texturing though, so I've been obsessed with retexturing it lately. It's been difficult to find a texture that we agree on, but I believe we found one - so I've been aligning textures, and all that stuff. I shall share a couple pictures I took.


This is the front of the house, it has like, doors on every room, two doors in front, and a back door. So many doors to open and close, omg @_@ But, I still like the layout of the house, I think its great, which is apparently what Kamian liked about it too. :D


I love my ocean view, and I love my houses to have ocean views even more. I had to take out a wall so I can see the ocean here. :D


My boat. OMG, I *will* keep this boat out for as long as I absolutely can. It's 205 prims, so I rarely get to keep it out. So, I'm going to try my hardest to go low prim with furnishing this house. xD

And OMFG! Twilight comes out at 12:01am tonight! *does happy dance*