So Kamian and I visited the Cologne Cathedral the other day. It's so beautiful, and just as awesome as the pictures show. I seen it on someone's flickr stream, and thought, omg there is NO way it looks like that in world. But, it really does.


It appears to be modeled after the real life Cologne Cathedral, located in Germany (which I didn't even know existed until right now, when I googled it XD).


I love architecture like this, so I could not stop taking pictures. I just absolutely loved this build.


Yet another picture, another camera angle. This cathedral was huge, primmy, and spanned a huge portion of the sim.


It had a sim next to it with some sort of little garden area, it was very pretty. It had fountains and hedges and stuff as well.


Even had a little piano off to the side of the cathedral. Unsure what it would be used for, but it was still really pretty.


Another view of the piano. ^^


Kamian seemed to like it as well xD


However, the most beautiful part of the cathedral was the inside. It was pretty empty, but it was still stunning.


So many camera angles to take pictures at, so little time.


Yep, another picture of the inside. I think some of these pictures actually look like a RL photo :O


A different view, from the rear looking back to the entrance.


It felt so good to actually get out and explore again. I've been stuck inside my SL home for so long because of my crappy computer, and Kamian and I had plans to visit this cathedral since before PC died. So, I was really happy to finally get to go. ^^


I had fun, and got some great pictures, I hope Kamian did as well. :D

SLURL: Cologne Cathedral, Dom zu Koeln (10, 199, 37)