So I textured my silly creation! I slapped textures on the walls and floors, and had a huge epic fail. I tried texture aligners, grid textures, everything to get them aligned. It just would NOT align, I was so irritated. I worked on it all day, all evening, all night, and just as I was ripping out the last strand of hair on my head, Kamian came on, textured one wall and a window for me. He showed me a little trick I had no idea about, and it made it much more manageable to me. So, I was able to finish the rest of it myself. :D And, I am ridiculously proud of it, still.


May main concern is that it might be too dark. It has black walls, black floors, I dunno how people will react to that. When I textured it, I wanted to keep the name of the store in mind: Imperial Elegance, so it had to be elegant looking. I think I might have accomplished that.


I even made the sides look pretty. :D


This, is my favorite part of the build, no doubt. I was looking for some lame-o prim curtains to put behind this desk, and came across these awesome sculptie curtains. OMG, they are so beautiful, I'll be using them all over the build now. They even follow the "elegant" theme I had going. I think this is a perfect place to put the picks rewards gift, and my update group board. I love them. A lot. The only bad thing about them though, is that they are 6 prims for the curtain set. :/ But, I think they are worth it.

I even retextured the desk to match the rest of the build. It was only $50L from The Loft, and fully mod. It was perfect for the type of desk I had in mind. :O


I also plan on using those amazing curtains for all the windows as well. I couldn't do all the windows right now, because I ran out of spare prims. (I think I have 4 spare prims on my land as of this minute) :O


Sort of a whole view of the store. From the front to the back.


Yes, I know. Glow. I did kinda want to make the stairs look a bit lighted though. I think it looks nice, kinda? XD


As for the upstairs, I'm kinda meh about it. I don't think I like the semi-transparent wall thing. I might take them down and put a rod in to hang more curtains. That might be over doing the curtains though. Hmm. And yes. That really is carpet on the ceiling. It was meant to just get rid of the annoying plywood until I can find a better texture... but, now I'm starting to like it up there. Just don't look closely at it XD

So yeah, I'm extremely proud of it, and I think its awesome. I'm very impatient, and its killing me not to drop it down in to the store right now. I hate that I don't have more spare prims to complete it before I drop it down, but I don't think I have any more of a choice.