First, I want to thank all who has been commenting on my build progress, and has been tolerating my pictures on here. I think this will be the last post on it, because I finally laid it down in the store! \o/


It has all the curtains on all the windows, as I wanted, and faces the Nicole sim, which is a beautiful sim that sells landscaping stuffs. :D


I made little lights for the entrance. Ok, half-made. I kinda modded some landscaping light to use with this build xD


I think the desk area turned out perfect. I have lights, curtains, and finally a proper place to put my update group and freebies. The Bunny hunt poster - I'm going to make some ornamental stand for it soon. xD


This will be my "New" section. Its right behind the wall, I hope people will be able to see it.


The focus of this seems to be curtains. I mean, they are literally everywhere :O Makes the store look more elegant, I hope? XD I do worry that I overdid the curtains though.


Upstairs. Complete with even more curtains and even sculpted banisters.

The build turned out extremely well, and gives me TONS of more of room to expand. I have extra walls, and an entire upstairs that I can put stuff in. So, I'm excited. I hope this gives me inspirational push I need to make more poses, more often. ^^