So, a few days ago, I invited myself to the Ch'know inventory sorting party. Its been a while since I did anything with the Ch'know girls, and ever since my computer took a crash fall, I've felt disconnected from them and kinda like the odd one out.


So, it was nice to actually get out and do something with them. Any sort of parties Ch'know has usually ends up in dancing in some really strange clothes, or even stranger avatars and attachments. And yes - that is Pumpkin back there with the crazy disco hair xD


I also seen this silly piece of furniture that when I laid eyes on it, I said OMFG and HAD to buy. Its like, a giant dog bed with pillows. It has singles sits and couples sits - and I just LOVE it.I'm not sure why, but when I see my avatar sitting in it, the RL Sai feels comfortable and cozy too xD


My time with Kamian has been quite limited lately, because our schedules are quite different. I was totally happy because I got to spend some time with him last night in my new favorite piece of furniture. :D


I even snapped another picture. :D I seriously love this sofa / bed thing. The poses are adorable, the sheet thingie changes with the poses, and I can sit in it by myself without looking silly.