I told myself that to make up for my lack of new stuff to my store, I will make one couple's pose a day, all this month. I don't plan on releasing them until I put out my egg thing for the Bunny Hop Hunt - so I'll have one huge release that day. I'm excited, and I think my new store inspired me to fill up the walls (I also think I said this exact thing when Kamian built my last store and nothing changed - we'll see how this goes xD). Shall I give a few previews of the new poses I have so far?

I only have 2 couple's poses finished right now, the third one should be finished up tonight. But, I'm excited with them and love them so far. Oh yeah, don't mind the messy location for photos - its my workspace above my store, and it is in desperate need of a makeover.


This one was based on Romeo and Juliet (though I've never actually read the play - just flipped through the Cliff notes once). But, I think the image it sends is very Romeo/Juliet like.


A cute standing pose. I almost look like a child next to Nuai, he's so giant! :O I watched one episode of Sex and the City the other day when Smith tried to hold Samantha's hand on the street one time - so, this was my adaptation of it. Sai trying to hold Nuai's hand. I think it turned out really well. :P

I also have "Jump Poses" finished, and plan to do "Fashion Show" poses, and "Ballet" poses shortly. :D