Last night, I was extremely bored. And tired. With the combination of those two things, nothing good ever comes from it. So, I had the idea in my head to create a skybox. I needed something pretty and inspirational to work in, so I started building.

Normally the thought of building something would make my stomach turn, but Kamian has been giving me little lessons. (Ok, maybe only 2 tiny lessons), but I still felt confident enough to make a box. I mean, that's all skyboxes are, right - textured boxes?

Well. Once I made the box, I was still bored, and completely unsatisfied with how it looked. I then added more things, and more things, until it started looking like a store :O So my course was changed, and I continued the skybox with a store layout in mind.

Turns out, I seriously love it. The more I look at it, the more sense it makes to me, to make it my new main store. It has places for everything I need, and even has a fancy idiot-proof staircase that I always love.


Of course, I still have a lot of things to do, if I plan on keeping this. And, I kinda actually ran out of prims above my store at the point of taking this picture, so I can't really do much more until I figure out what to do about making more prims available. But, I still really like it.

I dragged Kamian in world last night to show him, and he seemed impressed that the prim-phobic Sai was actually able to make this on her first attempt at building. xD


If I do manage to make this my store, I think this center wall would be perfect to put the update group board, picks rewards, and free AOs... and the other side of it - put the new releases. OMG, seriously, the more I look at it, the more I love the layout. Its like, borderline perfect.


I really am proud of myself for making this. And I'm even more grateful to Kamian, who taught me a little bit on how to build. :D