So, I've been complaining in like, every blog post for the past month - I've been having serious computer issues, and am in desperate need of a new computer. Well, I has news! My new computer has been ordered from Dell, and is estimated to be delivered in a little over 2 weeks! \o/

I am unbelievably excited, because I really need my PC to do like, anything. I'll be able to go through hunts again, stalk lucky chairs again, explore, walk and shop again. Best part is - new computer should even be better than old PC, because I ordered a faster processor and stuffs too. :D Thanks to Kamian, who helped me decide. ^^

In the time that I've been without my PC, I've taken up a little bit of photo editing. Its a good way to pass the time, when I'm unable to log into SL because I'm frustrated with it. Even if I'm no good at it xD I shall share a few pictures :D


I do like taking pictures of Kamian and I. I rarely get to see him anymore, partly because of my PC problems, so when I am around, I try to get pictures ^^


This looks more like a Glamour Shot than anything else. xD I had a coupon code thing for Renderosity, and I always admired those people who make amazing pictures with that Instant Hair stuff. So, I managed to purchase myself some of that hair, and this was my first attempt at using it. :D It originally started off as a "lets see if I can get the hair on right" then, happened to turn into a full blown attempt at post processing xD

I love the Renderosity hair though, and I think I might go buy more packs of it if I get a little extra spare monies later :D

A couple more weeks, I'll be up to posing again, exploring and will be in-world much more often again \o/ I'm sooooo excited that I'm finally able to see the light at the end of this annoyingly dark tunnel :D