So, when my main PeeCee took its last breaths a few months ago, I traded in my land home for a skybox. The land gave me quite a bit of client lag on the spare computer, but the sky seemed much better. I'm not really sure I miss my home on land, because I don't have to waste prims on landscaping and such in the sky.

This will be a huge picture post, if you don't want pictures, just keep scrolling. I am considering changing houses again, but I wanted to show this house before I get a new house again. xD


My skybox is the Purity from Pixel Mode, and is quite modified. Probably most noticeable is the windows. I wasn't fond of the blinds the house came with, so I took them off and made window tint instead. Kamian took the kitchen door off and made the entrance bigger too ^^


Ever since I received a gift from Azure Islands a few months ago with palm trees and a few 1 prim plants, I've wanted to use them. Palm trees don't really go well with grass, which is what Envision has on the land below, so I stuffed them in a pot up in the sky home :D And, after my Fallingbridge Pixel Mode home, I've gotten to love having a hot tub. So, I'm glad this house has one too :D


I've also been wanting this Planket from the Loft for like, forever. I told myself, the next house I get, will have to have a place for the Planket. While this spot isn't really perfect for it, it works well. ^^


Another set of patio furniture. XD I'm obsessed with them, I swear. I guess that's why I love houses with big patios - I have too much outside furniture that needs to be brought out xD


And inside the house, is sitting area number 1. The TV doesn't work... yet, mainly because I am so lazy and can't be bothered to get it set up. o.o;


Sitting area number 2. And, I just HAD to put the Christmas gift Kamian got done for me up. I think it might have been one of the first things I put out for decorating this house. It still makes me happy whenever I look at it. :D


Another view of the sitting area number 2. I am teh fail at SL interior design, but its still fun to do anyways.


I have blogged this before, but its part of the house, and I have to blog it again. xD My awesome kitchen that Kamian made for me. :D I didn't really like the kitchen that came with the house, so he made this really quickly. ^^


The second thing he made for me was this dining room set. Its super primmy, but there really wasn't a way around it. xD I love it still. Oh, and I made the table runner thing, I'm so proud \o/


Another view of the dining room set. The Loft sent the little console table out as a group gift a few days ago, and it looked PERFECT in the dining room, and was exactly what I was looking for for that spot. Its awesome. :D


Lastly, the bedroom. I had a nightmare of a time deciding on a bedroom set. I absolutely fell in love with a set from The Loft, but couldn't bring myself to pay $3,000L for a bed that will never be used. I hunted around, and found an entire set at Aria for less than half the bed at The Loft. This set came with a vanity, little stool thing, bed, attached bedside tables and a dresser (not shown here) for less than half the cost of The Loft bed. Oh, but the lamps were from the Loft, and I made the hanging wall things. xD

The best thing about this bedroom set: its completely color change! I can change the wood, pillow color, blanket pattern, and pretty much everything else. Omg its awesome. :D


While I love my skybox, I absolutely HATE this. I have no idea wtf it is, but it totally messes up my pretty view of the sky. When I inspect it, its called "Moon", and seems to belong to someone who lives on the opposite side of the sim. And I can't return it because its not on my land.

I didn't notice it when I set the skybox up because my draw distance was set too low. Now, its all I focus on. If I can figure out a way to move my skybox up without having to set everything back up, I will do that -_-