A few weeks ago, I purchased this weird in-world sculpting tool called the Sculpt Studio. I played with it for about 15 minutes, got frustrated and quit. It's so difficult to learn, and the notecards that give information on it suck really bad. I had absolutely -no- idea wtf I was doing. However, I heard that there are a ton of classes that fellow users put on. Tonight, I attended one of these classes.


It was not my first class in SL, considering my goal when I joined was to learn about Buddhism and Shinto, so I went to a couple of classes on them, long ago. But, its been a while, and was long before voice chat came into SL. xD


I only learned a little bit, surprisingly. I feel that the Sculpt Studio is crazy insane to learn, so I need to go to more classes to understand it. So, tomorrow at noon, I hear there is another class. And thats where I will be tomorrow afternoon :D