Hi guys! So, I got my new computer the other, and I'm able to play SL with no lag again, which is awesome. So yeah, I'm finally back! \o/ After almost 3 months of crappy computer issues, its really great to have the option to log in to do other things then just clear IMs.


This is the first picture I took on new PeeCee! I'm so excited about it. I love my new Dell - its pretty looking, fast, and is just plain awesome. It came early, on Valentine's Day - which caught me by surprise. It went from "Boxing" stage, to "Shipped" stage in a matter of hours - the next day, it was at my door. \o/


I've also been working on some new poses! Staff poses, actually. I hunted for a while for a good staff to use with these, and by chance - Yabusaka released the most perfect staff that I had in mind for the poses. I have 5 poses done, and will finish them by the end of the month. I also have a few ideas for couple's poses as well :D