So, the new Gala skins. I don't want to review them on my fashion blog or anything, because everyone else is talking about them on the feed. Since this blog isn't on the feed, and I give myself more freedom on this blog, I want to talk about them a little here. :D

I had grabbed the Gala group gift when it came out, tried all the demos of every face that was included with the gift, and came to the conclusion that they looked like crap on me. I was sad because I really liked the new faces of them (especially the new lips on Breeze), and kinda liked the shiny on them. I've tried Redgrave skins, and newest Laqroki skins (who recently started going shiny) - but none of them really called out to me. So, I was kinda depressed that the new shiny Galas didn't look good on my shape.

However, some of the girls in Ch'know *coughs* Sehra and Pumpkin *coughs* have been raving about them for days. I resisted the call for as long as I could, until I found myself standing in Curio purchasing a handful of demos. I took them home and tried them on once again. xD

I put on my "Normal Skin" shape (which only has a different eyelid crease number), and put on a different eyebrow shaper. I had instant cuteness! :O

Now, I've been wearing my previous Gala skin since they came out. They first came out at the skin fair last year, which I think was almost a year ago. So, I've had my previous skin for almost a year now, and I have never changed it. Sai changing skins is a seriously big deal. And I think I like this one enough to put my older Gala away for a while.


I found myself in total luff with the Breeze face. It's soft, cute, and doesn't make me look angry or sad. :D And, it's also a fair bit lighter than my older skin. I'll have to modify my windlight settings and such so I don't look washed out all the time. ^^

I had a nightmare of a time deciding on a makeup. Mainly because, my favorite really dark eye makeup, nude lip was not an option. It was all lighter-colored makeup options. I couldn't decide on one, and the fatpack was only $3,000L, I just gave up and decided to get them all. After all, I heard the number of skins in the fatpack was a total of 48? :O A deal, in my opinion.


I'm still deciding if I like the shiny (or is oily a better word?) or not, but so far, I'm kind of enjoying it. These seem to be "updated" bodies, considering the shininess is becoming popular now. I like them better than the blurred look of my older Gala.

But yeah, they still have to pass the Kamian test before I make the final decision to keep them or not. But right now, I'm loving them. They look so sweet and innocent. *snuggles new skins* :D

Seriously. LUFF. :D