I went to my second Sculpt Studio lesson thing this afternoon! And I took pictures! \o/


Now, this class was much more informative than the last class I attended yesterday. I liked the format of the class, and the person putting it on seemed to know the sculpt studio really well.


A variety of people showed up, even a huge dragon who came flying up to the platform! :O A lot more people show up to these things than I realized, and many ask and have the same questions as I do.


What I loved most about this class, was they offered a notecard of class notes. This way, I was able to view the slides, and the text after the class - because I am the queen of forgetting things.


Later, I came home to my land and rezzed my Sculpt Studio, and played with it a little. I definitely learned alot from the classes, and was able to create this shape. I'm quite proud of it too. :D


On a little side note - a little while ago, I begged Kamian to teach me some of his building tricks. I've been sitting on them for a while, and finally made something using his skills. :D Its insanely stupid looking and silly, but I made those little hanging block things without any alignment scripts or anything. \o/