So, tired of organizing inventory last night, I felt the urge to go shopping. I ended up at Discord, just to browse around and get out of the skybox. The creator TP'ed in, and she had on the cutest elf ears! I inspected them, to find that they were from Discord. :O Even still, I had passed the vendors for them on my way to the new section xD

And seeing how cheap they were, omg, I had to get them. There were color change too, and while I couldn't get a -perfect- tone match to my skin, I think one of the provided tones was pretty darn close.


I even attempted to post process this photo. And it was epic fail. I attempted liquify tool to straighten out jagged edges on mah face, and attempted some shadowing and highlighting. XD Fail.

I did attempt a second version of it, with a higher resolution picture and not cropped, and the liquifying turned out slightly better, but the highlights and shadows looked kinda meh. :D