So, my computer really died on me this time, and I have a feeling I will be paying out the rear for it to get fixed. I've had this same problem before, but since then, its got really worse, and it seems nothing I can do will fix it. I've been logging in to SL using a spare PC that is absolutely horrible with running SL, to spend time with Kamian and do a couple other random things. And not being able to leave my land because of PC lag makes a Sai very grumpy lately.

I feel really bad for the poor souls who have to listen to me rant and complain about my PC problems, and Kamian has been really patient with me. But still, I was really looking forward to spending my Christmas in SL with him. I really have everything I want in SL - which made gift ideas really difficult for him, I'm sure.

But, there was one gift he gave me that I will remember for a long time. But first, a back story: He invited me to come with him to his friend's wedding a while ago, which was sweet - it was like, our first event as a couple. :P So, we dressed up and went. Afterwards, he told me he wanted photosphere pictures of us dressed up, which made me go "Hmmm.. O.o;" ... because he never really brings up wanting to get photosphere pictures.

But, we got some cute ones together, and I am thankful I saved the ones I got onto my flash drive before my computer crashed. Anyway, he was snapping pictures away, and I don't think I realized how many pictures he was taking. XD

So, we exchanged gifts yesterday, because we both had RL things on Christmas and such - I never expected him to have done something like what he did, it caught me so off guard. This was my super-awesome Christmas gift from him:

Kamian and Sai by Gabrielle Sinatra

He had talked to Gabrielle Sinatra about photoshopping this particular picture of us that he took during our little shoot. I was so in shock that he had done something like this for me, I seriously couldn't think of anything to say. To me, it was the most perfect gift. He had framed it really pretty for me in-world, and it looks so awesome.

It's just a picture though? No wai. It's the thought that he got some good photos from our little photoshoot, that he liked it so much to actually make arrangements to make it even better... it made my little store cards I got for him look so lame. :/

I was so happy for the rest of the day, and even into today. I've never had any photo "professionally" done by anyone, so this was extremely amazing, I cried for like 10 minutes - I was so happeh and touched by it all. XD After dealing with some RL things, mainly being my PC death, I was so emotional over this. I don't even think he realized how much I'd love it. :P I hung it on the wall in the kitchen - which is pretty much the only place I am able to, considering my house on Byakuya is almost completely glass. I told him he has to make me a house thats focused around this picture now :P

Kamian did all the talking to Gabrielle Sinatra and stuff, but he said she was really awesome to work with and, in my opinion - she did some amazing work on this picture. Her flickr stream is filled with all sorts of fantastic pictures, so I think, if you are looking for some shots done, she is definitely worth contacting.

So, to Kamian - Thank you for making my SL Christmas and the rest of my SL the brightest it can possibly be, even in my frustrating time of PC crisis. I hope we can pass more holidays in SL together. ^^

Everyone else - I hope you all had an awesome, safe holiday, and have fun plans for the new year. :D