Clothing Fair - 4 Sims!

OMG, the RFL Clothing Fair ended last night! I was lucky enough to get in there right when they opened last week - and braved the lag without my AO or prim attachments. It was a blast walking through the 4 season-themed sims. The horrible lag didn't even phase me as I gawked at all the stunning creations all the designers made for raising money for cancer. It was amazing, and I'm glad I was able to attend. :D

I went back a total of 4 times, to gather more items and take some pictures - and each time, I found something new I had to have. I am very happy with what I purchased, and I have many new favorite clothing items now ^^ I took quite a few pictures of some of my favorite shops/good builds on my flickr page that you can check out, if you'd like.

Store Card Vendor

Next - Store card update! I've finally finished the design of the kiosk, but unfortunately - the animation vendors really needed to be replaced. I love my current vendors, and I hoped I could make them work with the new store cards, but nope. Seems to be a no-go. I did modify the card compatible one to make it look the same, but I'm just not fond of how it works. I much prefer my notecard driven ones. Anyway - so there is the new card system, and the new animation vendor. I plan on testing them tomorrow, and hopefully drop them in the shop that night ^^