Ok, I apologize - but I am going to rant here for a minute. Let me start out by saying: It shocks me sometimes with how greedy people can be.

I consider myself to by very generous to my group members, because I really enjoy the people who support me and Imperial Elegance. Most of them are sweet, adorable people who this blog entry is NOT about. But, there are a select few who do not remember their Freebie Etiquette. As a designer, it is frustrating and makes me want to pull my hair out.

I woke up this morning and checked my email as I always do. I was greeted by two emails from people stating they did not receive the gift I sent out to my group yesterday (a $100L gift card). I checked the time they were sent - 5 minutes from each other. Already dreading logging in to Second Life, I did anyway.

I immediately checked the Subscriber Kiosk backup file I made right before I sent the gift out and seen that their names were, indeed, on the backup file (right after another, at that). So, they SHOULD have received it. SL is wonky, so I was once again generous and resent it to both of them.

Right after they thanked me (right after another, as well), I was again prompted with yet *ANOTHER* person telling me they didn't receive it. I sent it to them once AGAIN, with the warning to be more careful with declining things, and I won't send another one again.

Maybe I'm just so irritated because they were gift cards? I have to say, I have *NEVER* received an IM stating a person has not received a previous freebie I sent out. But because I sent out a transferable gift card, I had THREE people tell me they didn't get it. And the day is not over, either.

At what point does one stop giving free things away? However, on a lighter side - Yesterday, shortly after I sent out the gift, I did receive an IM from my most favorite designer (I'll refrain from saying her name here, in case she doesn't want to be recognized), thanking me for my gift. I was shocked that someone I admired so much was at my shop at one time and pleased that she took time out of her day to have a conversation with me. It had completely made my day and I was smiling from ear to ear for the rest of the day.

As I said before, the majority of my group members are thoughtful, thankful people who inspire me to go on and give away more things. But there are a select few who make me get in such a foul mood that I even wonder why I give things away. I have learned a few things here though. It is up to me now, how I will go about this the next time it happens. ^^

I'll end saying: Thank you to the people who are thankful for my gifts - I will continue to work hard for all of you :D