After complaining to my partner, Bats, about how small my shop is getting, he got tired of listening to me and bought me a bigger shop in Glenn! This one is still in the same sim as where Imperial Elegance is located, but just down the street, and twice as big! O_O I've been eyeing it for a while, because my current space is running out of floor room. (I never thought I'd run out of space before I ran out of prims!)

Imperial Elegance - 03.05.2008

So, last night after he logged off, I spent a lot of time trying to think of how I want to organize it. I think I came up with something, and started playing with it. This was how it looked last night before I went to bed. Uneven plywood all over the place! I wanted to get a basic idea of the layout and just how many prims would be necessary for the floors and walls.

Imperial Elegance - 03.06.2008

When I woke up this morning, I immediately tped back to the shop and worked on it a bit more. Looks a bit better, no? I evened the flooring, textured it all, and got the general layout worked out. OMG, the little gadget called the "Prim.Docker" was my best friend through all this. It aligned the prims perfectly, and even aligned the textures! Saved me from lots of giant swearing fits. O.o

New releases will go on the highest platform, poses will go on the lower platforms, and couples poses will go on the rack looking thing behind my head. Oh, and the other randomness I sell with go along the side walls, behind the rack-y thing.

Imperial Elegance - Lucky Chair

In addition to all that....! I am also putting in a lucky chair. This still needs work, and the prizes aren't even ready yet, but its coming along well ^^ I personally love the quality lucky chairs (not the BIAB crap ones), because it gives me an opportunity to get great things while being semi-productive. Its much better than sitting at the kotatsu in my skybox organizing - I get so bored doing that. I plan on giving my group members the prizes (a silver and a gold chain link necklace) that will go into this chair next week via Subscriber Kiosk, after that, the only way you would be able to get them is through the chair :D

ZOMG, speaking of my skybox. For those who read my blog often, you know I set up a skybox workspace above Bats' and my house several weeks ago. I do all my photography here, jewelry making, changing, and afk-ing (and I literally never log off, so I am in it ALL the time). Anyway, I was browsing SLX while SL was running in the background... when I came back to SL, I had noticed two people on radar, 13 meters away from me, 695 meters above our house. WTF?

Seriously, something like this has never happened before, so I was freaking out, wondering what was going on. I cammed out, and seen a man and a woman just hovering outside my skybox. O.o I tped out of my skybox, to the roof of it, and they both flew off. O.o Still curious, I did some investigating around the land on the sim.... to find they purchased land 1 parcel over from Bats and I last week. -.- I swear, if they continue peeping in my box, there will be a problem.

It took everything I had not to IM one of them and ask, "Did you read the covenant before you bought that land?" Because the covenant clearly states: No flying up to other resident's private rooms in the sky. !! Morons. -.-

Umm... ok, I guess thats my rant for the day. I am also considering having a 50% everything (well, minus new releases) sale at Imperial Elegance to celebrate the move to a bigger space. ^^ I'm just so excited to have the space, there is still tons to be done - moving vendors, making new signs, changing landmarks..... *sigh*