Ok, I'm loving these little meme things that Alicia at Ch'Know? is putting on. This time: 5 Things in Second Life That I Can't Live Without!

  1. My AO. I use a Zhao II filled with almost every animation without head movement from Vista Animations. I love the Zhao, and love VA even more.
  2. My body light. I absolutely hate the horrid shadows that Second Life creates on the avatar, so I wear a body light. I used a combination of PixelSpa/RaC lights, but after reading Tymmerie's 5 things, I went out and got the Ayiki light. Definitely the best so far - can't live without it. And, omigosh - its free!
  3. Mystitool. Need I say anything more? This thing has it all - anti-griefing device, radar, TP History, flight assist... and so much more. One of the best purchases I've ever made. Seriously.
  4. My pose stand. A necessity for any person who wishes to make attachment editing much easier. You sit on it and it makes your avatar stand in the standard "T" position. I love that position much more easy to edit things than just with the "Edit Appearance" position like most pose stands have. If you would like a copy of my pose stand, send me an in-world notecard, and I'll drop it on you :D
  5. Tiny Empires. Yep, I play that addictive medieval game, and I can not live without it. Its fun, and a great thing to do while waiting for IMs to come in, or taking a tiny break from inventory organizing.
Since 5 was way to short to list all of my things I can't live without, Ill continue on:
  1. Prim Eyelashes. No matter how much I hate editing them, I do find them a necessary evil. I used to wear Lynnix lashes, but now I have switched to the Deviant lashes that came with a Vogue skin I purchased at Last Call (now found at Celestial Studios). I adore them to pieces.
  2. Tillie's Pose Stand. I've recently blogged this, and wasn't sure if I would like it. After using it for a few weeks, I have fallen in love with it. I did have an issue with the HUD moving itself back to default position, but Tillie was kind enough to tell me she is working on it for the next update ^^
  3. The Photosphere. OMG, this thing has made picture taking easy, and its such an ingenious creation.