Ok, I'm going to rant about two things here for a second. Sorry if I offend anyone, but I'm just really irritated. Maybe I've been working on the new shop too much - I don't really know.

  1. People advertising their "new fashion blog" in Fashion Emergency. Like, omg. Get it added to Fashion Planet, like everyone else does, and people will come if they feel like it. Its not right to do some lame self-promotion in a chat channel. Its always like: "Hey! I started a new fashion blog! Come see it! [insert link here]" Irritating. Then, whats worse - a phrase like this usually follows: "If you want me to review anything, please send them to me!" Yah. Whatever. As a designer, things like that turn me off to their blog. If you advertise your blog in FE and beg for review copies, you sure as hell are not going to get my page hit, nor review copies of any of products. Also, as a blogger - I would like people to send me copies because they are readers of mine, like my blog style, and genuinely want me to blog them. I will never pathetically beg for copies like that, and I am irritated that other people have no shame.
  2. This one is a little more minor to the other one, but it still drives me nuts. DESIGNERS: PUT THE SLURL TO YOUR STORE IN YOUR BLOG POSTS! There is nothing more annoying than reading a blog post on Fashion Planet, really loving the product they are advertising, and not seeing a SLURL where I can go get it. I get incredibly frustrated, and because I'm lazy, I refuse to open my search box and search the shop name. So, I do not go to their shop, and I know several other people who do the same. Seriously though, designers - you need to make it easier for us shoppers to come to you.
Ok, I think I am done with my rant for the day. On a happier note, almost everything is completed for the new shop opening that is happening tomorrow!

IE - Done!

FashCon/Group notecards are made - ready to be sent out, group freebies have been made, lucky chair is ready to be put in, ads up - waiting to be priced... omg, I'm totally excited about it. :D I put tons of work into this, and I'm glad to finally see it all coming together. My last sale at Imperial Elegance failed horribly, so I am anxious to see how this will play out.