As the Imperial Elegance sale comes to a close, I want to thank all of my customers who shared interest in it, purchased items, told their friends about it, congratulated me, and supported the successful move. Because I don't want to get all sappy and weird on the IE blog, I will do it here - because I know many customers read this blog as well.

When I first started SL, I looked at designers with envy, wondering how they can even afford a 512sq. meter plot of land. It seemed to be a dream that I would never be able to reach. However, I worked hard, attempting to reach that dream, and I am absolutely thrilled that I was able to gain ownership of a 2240 sq. meter piece of land (Thank you, Bats!). I do owe everything I have accomplished to the amazing customers that come into my shop, and my partner, Bats - who both inspire me to create, and try new things.

It really never occurred to me just how many people come to Imperial Elegance, and how many actually enjoy the things I put out - until I did this sale. I am sincerely grateful to you all, and I promise to keep working on putting out freebies and better items for you. *wipes tears away*

That said, once I re-price the vendors back to normal tonight, I will be going to bed - to prepare for a massively awesome day tomorrow. What happens, you ask?! OMG, two of the most amazing events happen tomorrow! ONE: The RFL Clothing Fair!!! *squees* zomg, I can not wait! TWO: OMG, the Sparkle Skye treasure hunt!!! I can not wait for this either - but... I hope the items are not too well hidden... because I do not do well with hunts, and I lose patience quickly. TT_TT