I've decided to hold a sale at Imperial Elegance for when it opens in its bigger shop. I am excited - the last time I had a sale was back in like, September... and it flopped miserably. But I'm totally ready to try again!


I made these late last night, one to go in the shop, announcing the sale for people who arrive, and the other to go into the older shop, giving a LM to those who touch it. ^^ I'll even be putting the new releases on sale. Crazy? Probably. I spent this morning repricing copies of the notecards for the pose vendors, so all poses will be only $25L each ^^ I've already made ads for Wednesday's release, so I can focus my energy on moving all the vendors to the new space this weekend. This madness will start Wednesday the 12th, and go on until the end of the weekend. :D


I spent last night toying with some design ideas with Bats for the new shop. He told me that with the brown and blue tones, it has an outdoor, park-ish feel. He suggested putting in a tree. But because the sakura I had in my inventory was too giant and distracting, that wouldn't work. So, we headed to the Heart Garden Centre and checked things out. I picked up a few flowers (I wanted to stay with a blue/yellow flower theme). I think the planter turned out nice, and I believe this will be the final layout of the new shop.

Bats wanted me to have a giant party for the opening of the new shop, but I was totally against it. He is very social, so those types of things appeal to him... but I have zero social skills, and am quite terrified of people.... so I'd have been miserable if I was to put on a party. So, 50% off sale it was! Gives me something to be excited about doing, as well as something to give back to the great customers who have supported me. ^^