Imperial Elegance - Store Cards

Check out what I just bought! This will be the next thing to hit Imperial Elegance: Store Cards! Yay~ I'm so excited. I've had this idea in my head for a while, I'm just glad I finally got to see it happen. :D

The documentation for this... is very intimidating. OMG, its like a novel. However, after skimming through it, it seems extremely detailed. And, personally, I'd like novel documentation rather than none. O.o So, I will spend this week getting it ready, and going over the instructions.

One thing that I know will change - is the appearance of these. The card design will remain the same, but the kiosk thing, where you purchase the card - that will change. That will also be on my list of things to complete this week. ^^

But still, I am very excited about this system. The creator was helpful and professional when I wanted to purchase it, and didn't push me at all when I was just in the inquiry stage. I was quite impressed. ^^