My RL 24th birthday was on Wednesday, and Jeffry gave me the best birthday gift ever. We eloped! We agreed that the wedding we were planning for October was way to far away, so he asked me: "Why can't I just call you my wife now?"


Which set tons of wheels going in my head. So, we came up with the idea to get married on my birthday, then have a real 'vow renewal' wedding later. We planned it all overnight, writing vows, and I set up the area... I expected it to be just a little thing, where we danced together, said vows to each other, exchanged rings. But nope - not with Jeffry. He wanted an actual realistic wedding together.


I waited until he logged off to set up the area - it was my little surprise for him. I set up my super awesome BareRose skypad which I adore so much, scattered giant rose petals around, and set up our Intan dance ball thing. He's really into romantic things, so I tried to make it as romantic as possible. But now that I think about it - I probably should have added some candles to the sky wedding too. :(


It was just us, and it was perfect, the way I always wanted my wedding to be. There was no drama of unwanted people showing up, no lag, no worries at all. Just me and Jeffry. I've only been to one wedding in SL (of which I was bored at and didn't really pay any attention), and none in RL, so I had no idea what to expect, or what to do. Luckily, Jeffry has been to some, so he kept things going, and let me know what we were supposed to be doing.


I loved every second of it. We danced a lot, whispering to each other how much we mean to each other, and I constantly told him how much of an awesome birthday I was having. But really, I can't think of a better way to spend my birthday, than getting married to the man I love so much. :D


OMG the vows. I'm not exactly the best at expressing my feelings, and I had absolutely no idea what I was supposed to write for them. I spent so long writing my vows the night before the wedding, to come up with 3 short paragraphs. When we said our vows to each other, Jeffry's was so touching and beautiful, I cried my eyeballs out in RL. He's been begging me to blog his vows, but I'm stingy, and I want to keep his beautiful words all to my self for right now. My vows were so lame compared to his, but he said he loved them. I don't know about that :P

We exchanged our rings after our vows, and saying our I do's. He put my ring on my finger, and I put his on his finger. It went better than I thought. Then we kissed, and officially became husband and wife.


This cake. xD I think it was actually a birthday cake, it had like 4 candles on the top of it. Wedding cakes don't have candles, right? And, it was bigger than Jeffry and I combined. It was insanely huge, but it looked relatively nice. I can't complain about it too much. :D But yeah, we cut the cake and fed each other a slice, as traditional weddings, in my perfect setting by ourselves.


Our first dance as husband and wife was extremely special. He played love songs for us while we danced, and called me Mrs. Heartsdale (which, for some reason, I couldn't get enough of o.O). We changed our tags to say "Sai's Husband" and "Jeffry's Wife" and changed our profiles to list the date we got married and all that. Shh, be nice, we are newlyweds. :P And, by this point I was very excited and bouncing off the walls with happiness. I'm really unsure when the last time I was this happy in SL. A really, really long time.

I've also been moving in RL, so my moods have been really swinging and he's been the only one to stop me from bursting into a flaming human and burning my house down in RL. I'm unsure he realizes, but he's the only one that can pull me onto the hammock and soothe my nerves and calm me down after a particularly stressful packing day.


But anyway, after our perfect wedding with just the two of us, we both TP'ed back down to the house, to start our wedding night. Which was just as full of win as our marriage itself. :D And, yes, I asked him if I could mention our wedding night, and he said I could. :P


Then, as if that wasn't enough awesome for one night, we went to go play in the hot tub he bought for us. He grabbed it from my most favorite place for cuddles - LostDog Designs, and the animations in this are just as sweet and nice as the hammock I love so much. I had him put clothes on while I snap pictures for the blog. :P


So yes, I had the best birthday ever this year. I am still just a big puddle of excitement and happiness, 2 days after becoming Jeffry's wife. Who knew that a simple message on could lead to me becoming this happy, and marrying such an awesome man?

(BTW - if anyone is interested, I've created a new set for all my wedding photos on my Flickr.)