OMG, I've been missing from SL fora few days now, and don't really plan on logging in much for the next week. Jeffry is extremely pissed off at me about it too. But anyway - the reason being.... Aion Open Beta has begun! OMG I've been waiting for this game ever since I heard about it, and I preordered it a few weeks ago. Because I preordered, I got access to the open beta! I was sooooooo excited when the beta opened. I've been taking snapshots allllll over the place, its such a beautiful game.


I've never played World of Warcraft. I was never, ever interested in any MMORPG or anything of the sort. Well, aside from FreeRealms, but thats a game geared towards teens, so I don't think that counts. Why this game appealed to me... I have no idea.


I've barely seen daylight since the beta started on Sunday. I've been locked up in my bedroom with the computer, only coming out to grab something to drink, or something to eat... and go to sleep. I've been so obsessed with this game, its almost sad. Packing needs to be done in my house, boxes needs to be moved from upstairs to the garage... but I can't tear myself away long enough to do anything. Some please cut my internet cord? Please? XD


Being a first time MMO player, I'm unsure what is expected of me. Like, I've noticed as I'm standing around with half of my health, another player will come and randomly heal me back to normal. And I can't even find out how to work the confusing chat window to even tell them thanks. And sometimes, they are gone and ran away before I even realize what they did. Am I supposed to say thank you, or help them when they go into battle? I guess I just think too much into things. o.O


The servers had some problems early Sunday morning, Sunday night and again on Monday morning. I had some serious lag issues which made Aion almost unplayable. But today and most of yesterday has been extremely smooth gameplay for me. I really can't get enough of this game. Aion Anonymous, anyone?


I love how this game takes you to various places. Beautiful lakes, lush forests, humble farms, grungy mines, elegant buildings in the sky, cute little villages... I never know what to expect next, and where my next Quest will take me to. I spend most of my time in the game just looking around, admiring all the scenery.


I really can't express how much I love this game. It's beautiful, fun, addicting... and I would really suggest it to anyone. Even if you aren't a gamer. I've taken soooo many more photos, of which I plan on posting here too over the course of the open beta week!