So, yesterday was the last day of Aion's Open Beta. I spent the last couple days helping Jeffry level up (who eventually got tired of me screaming "Download Aion NOW!" at him, and downloaded it).


I took some photos of the Verteron Observatory when I didn't want to level anymore. It was the first beachy place I came to. I think in this post, I will tell my thoughts on the game.


I think its obvious though - I love it. But why? Every time I heard about this game, it was filled with excitment and all the screenshots was soo pretty. I asked Jeffry if he would play it with me, and when he finally said he would - I scoured the web for more information on classes, and gameplay. It was right past the last closed beta when I preordered.


So, my excitement esclated and went out of control as I got more and more information. I even got Jeffry looking for more information and he got excited too. xD I downloaded the client early, and checked the website several times a day, waiting for details on the next beta.


Open Beta came, I was jumping off the walls. This was my first MMORPG, I had no idea what to expect. I was expecting people to kill me when I first went into the game. I mean, the higher level players - don't they get experience from killing other people? For the first few hours I was looking over my shoulder, expecting to be killed by higher level players. People were too involved in their quests to even talk to me, let alone to worry about killing me. (Apparently you can only PvP in the Abyss - which you have to be like, lvl25 to enter, I think) xD


My goal was to get used to controls, and fighting during the beta. I didn't want to seem too noobish when the game came out. Because believe me, I really had no idea what I was doing at first. It took me a little while, but I eventually found what a NPC looked like (arrows over their heads, who would have thought? *d'oh*)


I love the interface. Its simple, straightforward, and easy to understand. Wonder what something does? Click it. xD Equipping armor and stuff is painless and easy, attacking is simple, and even the minimap is total win. I'm a total MMO idiot. xD


I played nonstop for several days, and then some more helping Jeffry level up to get his wings. I learned a little about grouping, following, trading and dueling with him too. Even got invited to a Legion then too. I don't know about legions though, I'm perfectly happy with fighting by myself or with Jeffry for now.


Its been only 24 hours, and I'm already starting to have Aion withdrawls. The game was soooo much fun, I can play it for days nonstop. While I can't play it during opening weekend this weekend because I'll be moving to the new apartment and setting my life back up, but you can be assured that I'll be on Aion the first second I get free. :D


The most beautiful photos I got of Aion is during flight transportation. OMG. It took me forever to figure this thing out. I love this. You talk to some person - pay them some currency, and they transport you to your destination by this beautiful bird thing.


But, its not just some transport. This bird takes you through the landscape. Over the tips of trees, through canyons, and even skimming over water, its so beautiful. I swear when I found out I can do this - I went back and forth from place to place for like a half hour. xD


And, with that, that concludes my posts on Aion's Open Beta. Interested in prepurchasing the game? You can check it all out on the Aion website. :D