Yay, more Aion photos! I think its awesome so many people are interested in seeing this game - If you haven't preordered it yet - you neeeeeed to! It's so beautiful, and fun :D


Last time, I blogged about Sanctum - today I'll blog about the next city you go to after you get your wings there.... Verteron, and the surrounding Verteron Swamps. I love Vereron almost as much as I love Sanctum, for different reasons. :D


This city was also the first place I found the "Broker". I guess players sell their items all in one place here, which was cool, because I wanted the "Hunter" armor, which seems you can only find it through creatures dropping it. Which, I only found the shoes ... but I wanted the full set. So, I found pieces from the Broker for cheap and got the armor I wanted, the lazy way. xD


I keep saying over and over, its soooooo pretty. One of the reasons I love SL so much is looking at beautiful sims, and admiring people's creativity. Aion makes me feel this way, and I don't even have to go searching through people's Flickr accounts for SLURLs of pretty locations. I get awesome cities and landscapes where ever I turn in Aion.


And besides, how can you not love a game where your character does silly animations like this? I think in this photo she was dusting sand off herself, and later in the desert mines, she whips out a hand fan and fans herself (and even fans under her armpits. o.O) I might have to take a machinima of this, its soooo funny.


As for the Verteron Swamps, I don't know what these were, but they were freaking awesome. :O I couldn't find a way to interact with them, and if I tried to get close, I either hit a barrier thing, or drowned. Looks like I can only admire them from afar. :(


However, I couldn't stop snapping photos of them. Despite their massive size, they look like really kind, gentle creatures who would be hunted just because of their size. (And just one of their skins would probably make some really good leather armor for the rest of my Aion gameplay) :O


And, a more swampy-ish photo, with the awesome, giant creatures in the background. I seriously love those things.


Verteron was also the first place you can fly at. Which to me, was a HUGE let down. Beacuse, in all the places I've been so far, its actually the ONLY place you can fly. In the Dukaki mines... No Fly zone. When I went back to Poeta - nope, can't fly there. The forests outside of Verteron - nope, no flying there either. Why give us wings, if we can't even use them? I was very annoyed with this, but I hope I will be able to fly more later on in the game. :D


But I did decide to take advantage of the only place I could fly, and flew around all of Verteron. Note to self: Do not press Page Down to fly lower, you stop flying mid-flight and will die. I can't even count the amount of times I died doing that. xD


And because I like taking pictures of my character - here's another one. :D I did manage to learn how to whisper to someone - I was so proud of myself. *Beams*

Now, off I go to pack a few more boxes, and get ready to go out to dinner. \o/