Yesterday, was our delivery date. Jeffry and I went in to the clinic early, and they were already ready to deliver us. I was sooooo mad, I took photos of the birth and afterwards, but for some reason, they didn't turn out AT ALL. Half of the photos are missing, and I'm not sure why. :(

But, I did manage to salvage one picture. Don't worry, I won't force pictures of the actual birth on you, but instead - the only picture I have, that lead up to the birth. Anyway, when Jeffry and I tp'ed in, we were shown a room with a bed, some weird torture device looking thing, a giant ball, and a separate bathroom. I was directed to go into the bathroom and put on a gown - which, wasn't ALL that bad. I pictured some ugly system skirt gown, but this outfit I had to wear, had quite a bit of potential to be really cute.


Anyway. After I went into the bathroom to change, I came back out, and was told to get on the ball. I had my contractions while laying on this ball, but when I asked what the ball did, no one seemed to know. xD

I kid you not... I was terrified. I have never experienced RL labor, nor have I ever had a family member or a friend that had a baby. I had no idea what contractions were, or why I was on a ball, or even what that weird torture device was for on the other side of the room... though I had a slight idea.

The two doctors kept telling me to let them know when I'm ready to push... which was weird. Because I'm like.... ummmm, maybe now? So, when I said I was ready, they put me on the torture device, and sitting on that - the baby was delivered. (A couple pictures of this - I was able to salvage as well, but I really won't show that much detail here) :P

I whole thing took about 45 minutes, and we got informations on the birth as well. Jasmine Arlene was born at 4:00pm, was 7 lbs, 5 ounces, and 22 inches long. ^^ And apparently - we will be getting a birth certificate too.


Instead of being more depressed about my failed pictures, I woke up this morning, and took pictures of me and Jasmine in my most favorite viewer - complete with shadows!


Yes, the prim object that makes most people shiver in fear. This is the baby we chose. Compared to most babies out there we looked at, this one is probably one of the cutest I've seen. Only comparable to the Zooby Baby. I think, that compared to some babies, this one looks absolutely amazing xD

I do have a blog post, probably coming tomorrow - that I've been working on with what I learned about SL during the pregnancy, and little random things I've found out since I started this 6 week adventure. I guess it will be some kind of after word. :P

But before I go and end this blog post - I shall say thanks to everyone who sent me private plurks, IM's, and kind words yesterday... It seriously meant so much to me *snuggles everyone in a giant hug* :D