Tomorrow is the last day of the Aion Open Beta, and it will also be my last post about it for the rest of the week. Until the launch date at least, I'm so excited about it. But, after I hit level 14, I got bored of doing quests, and I decided I wouldn't spend so much time leveling up, or crafting, when my character was going to be wiped on Sunday. So, I decided to just teleport to random places and look around.


I forgot the name of this place, and the average level around me was lvl 20 and above, so it would take me a long time to get here if I was playing normally. xD But, it didn't stop me from exploring everywhere I could. :D


As I said in the post about Verteron, flying is very limited in this game from everywhere I've seen, but flying is allowed here as well. (Yay, second place I found where I could fly!) I flew around here several times, and dying countless times as I run out of flight time and plummet to the ground. :/


I love the bright colors of these rock-buildings. They are soooo bright and pretty. And then the bridges that link them all together omg. Cute! I wonder if I could talk my husband, Jeffry (oooo! The first time calling him my husband in the blog! *dances around) into making our homestead look like this? *Contemplates*


I did find it amusing how - these buildings appear to be carved out of rock, but inside of them were just as beautifully crafted as normal buildings in Sanctum. Strange. :O


I also ran around to the forest area below the rock city and snapped some pictures. These photos don't really look as cool as previous ones, but hey, I think they still turned out pretty cool looking :D


There really are a lot of forest areas in Aion. It seems there are more forest areas than anything else in the Elyos side of Aion. Most of them seem different though, I mean, one is more lush, another is rocky, another is more like, a plain. But yet, they are all interesting. :D


This game has been a really great and welcomed obsession this week, it kept my mind of moving, which I still need to pack for next week. And other various stressful RL things that would have destroyed me otherwise.

I have one more Aion post left, then my life will return to its regularly programmed schedule on Monday. XD