As per request - more Aion screenshots! I've been having soooo much fun running around and snapping screenshots. The Aion world is just too beautiful not to.


The most beautiful place I've been to by far, is Sanctum. It's some castle-like town floating in the air, and its absolutely stunning. You first get teleported here when you hit level 10... and this is where I got my wings. (Which, is hilarious to me, because you can't even fly here) xD


I think I spent about 4 hours just looking around exploring this place and taking screenshots before I settled down to do any Quests. Yes, I am easily amused. It seems I spend the majority of my time just exploring. I started playing Aion right when Open Beta started, and am only level 13, while other people are 20 and above. I don't know, either I suck at leveling, or people aren't taking in the beauty of Aion. o.O


This is also the place where you chose your crafting skills. I decided I'd go with Tailoring and Weaponsmithing, and created a pair of leather shoes. But, its extremely time consuming with battling creatures and waiting for them to drop something... and Open Beta is only a week, so I made my shoes and decided I wouldn't bother with it anymore until the game comes out.


Sanctum is my favorite place. It's beautiful you can buy all sorts of interesting things from accessories, to armor and weapons. And, you don't have to worry about violent worgs, or dukaki brawlers coming after you while your back is turned. xD


This is my favorite photo from Sanctum, I think. I turned a corner and seen this, and I was like :O Its beautiful... and Sanctum seems to be a major part in Aion, because all the crafting stations and stuff are located here.


I just *had* to explore every piece of it. There is the Library of the Sages, which is a massive library filled with information I can't even access :P


Also, lots of things to buy - I think this particular area dealt with manastones... or Godstones - I don't know the differences. I've come across several Manastones, but I don't think I've seen a Godstone yet. xD


The interface wasn't too hard to learn, either. It was really just a matter of going like: "I wonder what this button does" *clicks it* "Oh, I see." XD I love that you can have a list of Quests on the side of the screen. It makes things so easy especially when you have to kill like 15 creatures, and you lose count of how many you've already killed.


And, a picture of my character (I've heard people call them toons?). She's so cute, and I absolutely LOVE her armor. And hey, as I was snapping this picture, I realized you could sit on these benches. Clumsily random clicking I guess pays off! XD