So, I don't really have a theme for this blog post, its just all random stuff I've been doing lately. I got it in my head the other day that I wanted a scarce chicken. I don't know why. They are evil, mean and vicious to other chickens. But I still wanted one. o.O

I hunted around the chicken sims looking for for a reasonably priced scarce egg. Found none. I plurked about wanting one, and Alicia offered to sell me her scarce - Duncan. Yes, I jumped at the offer.


I modified my chicken coop to be bigger, and give Duncan plenty of space. And now, its almost the size of our home. Its pretty crazy, but I love it. I love the little chicken condos, they are soooo cute.


This was Duncan right out of the box, in his new home, with his new girl, Eve. Since I took this photo thought, some things have changed. Duncan had killed Eve 4 times since I put him with her, and I switched her out with my other 2nd growth ancient, Farrah. Farrah's held her own against Duncan, and seems to be a better match than Eve was.

However, last night, Aldwyn IM'ed me, asking if I was still looking for a scarce - and gave me MrScarce, a female - that I put in with Duncan and Farrah. I woke up this morning, and Farrah had survived the night in the same pen with two mean, scarce chickens. :O I also awoke to a new wave egg, from MrScarce. (And as I type this, she's in the process of laying another egg) xD


Also, the corn is really growing now! You used to not be able to see them unless you cam in extremely close to the ground, but I am now able to see them, from normal camera position. I'm hoping they get to be giant stalks, so I could hide in them :D


Jeffry and I also attended a Lamaze class for the pregnancy, which was a really interesting experience. They explained how the delivery of the baby is handled, what they expect from you, and generally how you are supposed to role play giving birth. They suggest going on voice, where you literally make breathing and birthing sounds over voice... but umm.... not for me. o.O But, they say that text chat is okay as well, so that's probably what I'll be doing. xD