I've been really trying to get back into the photo editing thing. While I know I suck at it, I still find it fun and enjoy learning new photoshop techniques. I snapped a picture and played with it a little.


Hey, I even drew in an open mouth, and drew in some teeth! :D I was like, sooooooo amazed at how the mouth came out, I was jumping up and down, bouncing off the walls for hours. Though, it does look better bigger. xD


Jeffry and I went in for ultrasounds and labwork on Thursday for the baby, which was yet, another interesting experience. I had to sit on the ultrasound machine thing, and there was like a slideshow of baby images on the screen. We got a HUD style book of images from the ultrasounds as well before we left.


After that, I was told to sit down at this table to get my labwork done. They took blood, and tested it, which came out fine (but of course it did, its SL). XD But I have to admit, I thought I would hate the SL pregnancy thing, but I'm actually enjoying it a bit. Our baby is expected on the 17th, which is this coming Monday... and I'm oddly excited about it. And, Jeffry seems really excited as well, he's always rubbing my belleh. :D


Jeffry took me dancing last night at Franks, a popular jazz club ballroom, and I snapped this beautiful photo. I never thought that being in my final pregnancy shape, that I would even want to leave the house. But, this past week, I've done 2 hunts, shopped a little, and went out dancing with Jeffry. But anyways, he loves when I blog about him, and show my feelings... so I'll say this: I adore this man, and he's burrowed so far into my heart, that I can't imagine a SL without him. ^^