So, my delivery is tomorrow, and Jeffry and I was supposed to watch a movie to calm my nerves a little, but he logged off not to be seen again tonight, so I shall write about something that I've been meaning to write about for a little while now.


I opened up my own sionChicken egg store! I've had a booth on a chicken sim, where I attempted to sell eggs. But I've had some problems with the competeing with the hundreds of other vendors, with the same exact stuff, for the same exact price. I want to sell my stuff cheap - to get rid of it, but the chicken sim has limits on how low you can price your stuff, which really irks me. So, I decided to go get my own little land, make a store, and make my own prices.


So far... it hasn't worked out, and I've only sold two eggs. But, I'm determined. I've put so many eggs out, that I have 0 prims left. xD


So yeah. I have boatloads of eggs, 2nd growth ancients, 3rd growth ancients, and even 2 original ancients up for sale, if anyone wants to stop by and check them out. It's been my little project for the past couple weeks, so I'm kinda excited that it's officially up and running.

And a few RL facts: I'm also moving next month to an apartment! :O I swear, its the worst time too. Its completely sudden, I live in a 2 story 4 bedroom house currently, and have to downgrade to a tiny 3 bedroom apartment - so, I'll be spending a whole TON of time getting rid of stuff until then, and packing up all by myself.... and still have a SL wedding to plan for October. I have no idea how I'm going to manage all that :O