OMG so much to blog! On Sunday, Jeffry and I had an appointment to get our pregnancy photos done from Sacred Studio. I was soooo excited when Sophia dropped our pictures on me last night, omg I was squeeing all over the place.

Sai and Jeffry - 01 (Pregnancy Photo)

We got two photos from them, and I wanted to make sure I was in my final pregnant shape before getting them done, so I had to wait until the last minute to make our appointment. I spent the weeks leading up to the day making the poses and perfecting them to fit Jeffry and I. Jeffry was so patient when we logged into the beta grid to work on them - and I kept ordering him "Stand. Sit again." every 2 minutes. xD

Sai and Jeffry - 02 (Pregnancy Photos)

But, I was soooo happy with how the poses came out. I think they might have been my best poses yet. I'm not really sure if I want to sell them, because now they have a special meaning to me. I kinda like the idea that these will be the only photos using these special poses. But anyway, Skyhawke at Sacred did such an amazing job on the photos, I was soooo impressed... as I am with every photo they do. Once Jeffry logged in, and I gave him his copies, they immediately went in my profile picks, and got a spot on the walls in the baby room. :D


Yesterday, we kinda went on a shopping spree, where we bought the baby. We go in for delivery at 4pm on Monday, so we needed to get the baby.... soon. We decided on a Tatu baby, thanks to the awesome blog reader who told me about it! (I don't know if she wants her named mentioned, but, she knows who she is) :D It's like a sionChicken, in baby form. You have to feed it, play with it, change its diaper, let it sleep... I was sold. And when Jeffry and I went to see it in world - it wasn't all that bad looking either. As an added bonus, it had a 7 hour trial as well, so we tried it out, and I loved this baby even more. :D

We bought toys, diapers, medicine (in case I'm a bad mom and it gets sick... which is entirely possible with me), clothes, a skin for it, and the baby itself. It was quite the expensive trip. xD


(Above picture added because I don't like to do walls of text without random photos - but, who doesn't love a nice swim in the ocean with their boi on a hot summer day?) After we bought the baby, Jeffry and I continues our shopping spree where we went to Maitreya, so I could buy the shoes I've been drooling over. I bought fatpacks of the Salience shoes, as well as the IXkin shoes. And then.... Jeffry bought me a fatpack of the Shanti shoes, I was like, omfg! I was mad at him all night for it. :/ But no, it doesn't end there. I wanted to buy some super awesomely slutty new dress from *Boom*, and he decided he wanted to pay for it. We had a money war, and spent like 15 minutes throwing the money for it back and forth to each other. And, I lost. :(

It's funny the thought of being pregnant doesn't bother me so much anymore, and I don't really remember what my shape was before these 6 weeks started. But, I think its sooo weird that the only reason I can't wait for the delivery is so I can wear my awesome heels and slutteh dress. xD