Yesterday, was our delivery date. Jeffry and I went in to the clinic early, and they were already ready to deliver us. I was sooooo mad, I took photos of the birth and afterwards, but for some reason, they didn't turn out AT ALL. Half of the photos are missing, and I'm not sure why. :(

But, I did manage to salvage one picture. Don't worry, I won't force pictures of the actual birth on you, but instead - the only picture I have, that lead up to the birth. Anyway, when Jeffry and I tp'ed in, we were shown a room with a bed, some weird torture device looking thing, a giant ball, and a separate bathroom. I was directed to go into the bathroom and put on a gown - which, wasn't ALL that bad. I pictured some ugly system skirt gown, but this outfit I had to wear, had quite a bit of potential to be really cute.


Anyway. After I went into the bathroom to change, I came back out, and was told to get on the ball. I had my contractions while laying on this ball, but when I asked what the ball did, no one seemed to know. xD

I kid you not... I was terrified. I have never experienced RL labor, nor have I ever had a family member or a friend that had a baby. I had no idea what contractions were, or why I was on a ball, or even what that weird torture device was for on the other side of the room... though I had a slight idea.

The two doctors kept telling me to let them know when I'm ready to push... which was weird. Because I'm like.... ummmm, maybe now? So, when I said I was ready, they put me on the torture device, and sitting on that - the baby was delivered. (A couple pictures of this - I was able to salvage as well, but I really won't show that much detail here) :P

I whole thing took about 45 minutes, and we got informations on the birth as well. Jasmine Arlene was born at 4:00pm, was 7 lbs, 5 ounces, and 22 inches long. ^^ And apparently - we will be getting a birth certificate too.


Instead of being more depressed about my failed pictures, I woke up this morning, and took pictures of me and Jasmine in my most favorite viewer - complete with shadows!


Yes, the prim object that makes most people shiver in fear. This is the baby we chose. Compared to most babies out there we looked at, this one is probably one of the cutest I've seen. Only comparable to the Zooby Baby. I think, that compared to some babies, this one looks absolutely amazing xD

I do have a blog post, probably coming tomorrow - that I've been working on with what I learned about SL during the pregnancy, and little random things I've found out since I started this 6 week adventure. I guess it will be some kind of after word. :P

But before I go and end this blog post - I shall say thanks to everyone who sent me private plurks, IM's, and kind words yesterday... It seriously meant so much to me *snuggles everyone in a giant hug* :D


So, my delivery is tomorrow, and Jeffry and I was supposed to watch a movie to calm my nerves a little, but he logged off not to be seen again tonight, so I shall write about something that I've been meaning to write about for a little while now.


I opened up my own sionChicken egg store! I've had a booth on a chicken sim, where I attempted to sell eggs. But I've had some problems with the competeing with the hundreds of other vendors, with the same exact stuff, for the same exact price. I want to sell my stuff cheap - to get rid of it, but the chicken sim has limits on how low you can price your stuff, which really irks me. So, I decided to go get my own little land, make a store, and make my own prices.


So far... it hasn't worked out, and I've only sold two eggs. But, I'm determined. I've put so many eggs out, that I have 0 prims left. xD


So yeah. I have boatloads of eggs, 2nd growth ancients, 3rd growth ancients, and even 2 original ancients up for sale, if anyone wants to stop by and check them out. It's been my little project for the past couple weeks, so I'm kinda excited that it's officially up and running.

And a few RL facts: I'm also moving next month to an apartment! :O I swear, its the worst time too. Its completely sudden, I live in a 2 story 4 bedroom house currently, and have to downgrade to a tiny 3 bedroom apartment - so, I'll be spending a whole TON of time getting rid of stuff until then, and packing up all by myself.... and still have a SL wedding to plan for October. I have no idea how I'm going to manage all that :O


OMG so much to blog! On Sunday, Jeffry and I had an appointment to get our pregnancy photos done from Sacred Studio. I was soooo excited when Sophia dropped our pictures on me last night, omg I was squeeing all over the place.

Sai and Jeffry - 01 (Pregnancy Photo)

We got two photos from them, and I wanted to make sure I was in my final pregnant shape before getting them done, so I had to wait until the last minute to make our appointment. I spent the weeks leading up to the day making the poses and perfecting them to fit Jeffry and I. Jeffry was so patient when we logged into the beta grid to work on them - and I kept ordering him "Stand. Sit again." every 2 minutes. xD

Sai and Jeffry - 02 (Pregnancy Photos)

But, I was soooo happy with how the poses came out. I think they might have been my best poses yet. I'm not really sure if I want to sell them, because now they have a special meaning to me. I kinda like the idea that these will be the only photos using these special poses. But anyway, Skyhawke at Sacred did such an amazing job on the photos, I was soooo impressed... as I am with every photo they do. Once Jeffry logged in, and I gave him his copies, they immediately went in my profile picks, and got a spot on the walls in the baby room. :D


Yesterday, we kinda went on a shopping spree, where we bought the baby. We go in for delivery at 4pm on Monday, so we needed to get the baby.... soon. We decided on a Tatu baby, thanks to the awesome blog reader who told me about it! (I don't know if she wants her named mentioned, but, she knows who she is) :D It's like a sionChicken, in baby form. You have to feed it, play with it, change its diaper, let it sleep... I was sold. And when Jeffry and I went to see it in world - it wasn't all that bad looking either. As an added bonus, it had a 7 hour trial as well, so we tried it out, and I loved this baby even more. :D

We bought toys, diapers, medicine (in case I'm a bad mom and it gets sick... which is entirely possible with me), clothes, a skin for it, and the baby itself. It was quite the expensive trip. xD


(Above picture added because I don't like to do walls of text without random photos - but, who doesn't love a nice swim in the ocean with their boi on a hot summer day?) After we bought the baby, Jeffry and I continues our shopping spree where we went to Maitreya, so I could buy the shoes I've been drooling over. I bought fatpacks of the Salience shoes, as well as the IXkin shoes. And then.... Jeffry bought me a fatpack of the Shanti shoes, I was like, omfg! I was mad at him all night for it. :/ But no, it doesn't end there. I wanted to buy some super awesomely slutty new dress from *Boom*, and he decided he wanted to pay for it. We had a money war, and spent like 15 minutes throwing the money for it back and forth to each other. And, I lost. :(

It's funny the thought of being pregnant doesn't bother me so much anymore, and I don't really remember what my shape was before these 6 weeks started. But, I think its sooo weird that the only reason I can't wait for the delivery is so I can wear my awesome heels and slutteh dress. xD


I've been really trying to get back into the photo editing thing. While I know I suck at it, I still find it fun and enjoy learning new photoshop techniques. I snapped a picture and played with it a little.


Hey, I even drew in an open mouth, and drew in some teeth! :D I was like, sooooooo amazed at how the mouth came out, I was jumping up and down, bouncing off the walls for hours. Though, it does look better bigger. xD


Jeffry and I went in for ultrasounds and labwork on Thursday for the baby, which was yet, another interesting experience. I had to sit on the ultrasound machine thing, and there was like a slideshow of baby images on the screen. We got a HUD style book of images from the ultrasounds as well before we left.


After that, I was told to sit down at this table to get my labwork done. They took blood, and tested it, which came out fine (but of course it did, its SL). XD But I have to admit, I thought I would hate the SL pregnancy thing, but I'm actually enjoying it a bit. Our baby is expected on the 17th, which is this coming Monday... and I'm oddly excited about it. And, Jeffry seems really excited as well, he's always rubbing my belleh. :D


Jeffry took me dancing last night at Franks, a popular jazz club ballroom, and I snapped this beautiful photo. I never thought that being in my final pregnancy shape, that I would even want to leave the house. But, this past week, I've done 2 hunts, shopped a little, and went out dancing with Jeffry. But anyways, he loves when I blog about him, and show my feelings... so I'll say this: I adore this man, and he's burrowed so far into my heart, that I can't imagine a SL without him. ^^


So, I don't really have a theme for this blog post, its just all random stuff I've been doing lately. I got it in my head the other day that I wanted a scarce chicken. I don't know why. They are evil, mean and vicious to other chickens. But I still wanted one. o.O

I hunted around the chicken sims looking for for a reasonably priced scarce egg. Found none. I plurked about wanting one, and Alicia offered to sell me her scarce - Duncan. Yes, I jumped at the offer.


I modified my chicken coop to be bigger, and give Duncan plenty of space. And now, its almost the size of our home. Its pretty crazy, but I love it. I love the little chicken condos, they are soooo cute.


This was Duncan right out of the box, in his new home, with his new girl, Eve. Since I took this photo thought, some things have changed. Duncan had killed Eve 4 times since I put him with her, and I switched her out with my other 2nd growth ancient, Farrah. Farrah's held her own against Duncan, and seems to be a better match than Eve was.

However, last night, Aldwyn IM'ed me, asking if I was still looking for a scarce - and gave me MrScarce, a female - that I put in with Duncan and Farrah. I woke up this morning, and Farrah had survived the night in the same pen with two mean, scarce chickens. :O I also awoke to a new wave egg, from MrScarce. (And as I type this, she's in the process of laying another egg) xD


Also, the corn is really growing now! You used to not be able to see them unless you cam in extremely close to the ground, but I am now able to see them, from normal camera position. I'm hoping they get to be giant stalks, so I could hide in them :D


Jeffry and I also attended a Lamaze class for the pregnancy, which was a really interesting experience. They explained how the delivery of the baby is handled, what they expect from you, and generally how you are supposed to role play giving birth. They suggest going on voice, where you literally make breathing and birthing sounds over voice... but umm.... not for me. o.O But, they say that text chat is okay as well, so that's probably what I'll be doing. xD


Its been a while since my last post about the pregnancy. We've been having problems with the clinic, our doctor apparently couldn't turn off the security orb that surrounds the clinic, therefore - we've missed our second week appointment, and it has not been a good experience for Jeffry and I.

However, we did change doctors to one of the owners of the clinic, and I know I am much happier with this new doctor. She used voice, which made the experience much more real for me. She also explained the differences between prim babies and pros and cons of them to us. This visit was extremely helpful, and I wasn't irritated later about how it all went.


So, on Wednesday, I changed into my latest shape. I know time goes much faster in SL, but I can't help but think that pregnancies go way too fast in SL. I mean, by the time I mod a cute babydoll dress to fit my pregnant shape, I need to mod it all over the next week when I change to a bigger shape. XD But seeeee, you can still be cute while pregnant! :D

However, Jeffry pointed out that we only have a little over 2 weeks until the baby comes, and we better start planning things. So, I created an extra room off of our bedroom for our baby. Then we went to Zooby's and got the cutest pink nursery set and decorated the room. :D


I loooove the Zooby's set, its so cute! I just wish the stuff was copy, because the room is still extremely empty and bare looking for my tastes. But, my monies are still recouping from buying the whole set. We have a couple weeks left to finish it though, so I'm not really worried about it. It has a good headstart right now. XD


I think deep down somewhere I always wanted a nursery, because setting this up was totally fun. It's so cute and very pink, I worry little Jasmine Arlene will become blind from all the pinkness by the time she becomes a toddler. :O


I love this bench. Its probably my favorite piece in the whole set. Its no copy, so I can't really mod it to fit in the windows like I would like, but oh well. It has sit poses and stuff which works with the babies :D


The little changing table. This thing is soooo cute, and extremely primmy. But I still adore it.


The crib. Jeffry wanted it to be the focal point of the room, and said he wanted the crib to stand out more. So, I put my favorite sculpted curtains around it - and it turned out extremely well. The crib - has so many features, and even came with a whole novel length notecard that explains how it interacts with the Zooby babies.


And, as if we didn't have enough on our plate... the sionCorn came out - and I was there with a full sim trying to buy it. I bought 2 starter sets, waited 2 hours there, received none. Jeffry bought 2 as well, and got one... and gave it to me. So, we followed the instructions... fill bucket, add fertilizer, rez corncob... and waited for it to do something. 2 hours later, its still sitting there doing absolutely nothing. o.O

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