I feel like this right now:


Why, you ask? I shall tell you :D
  1. I'm extremely stuffed from Thanksgiving dinner. I love pumpkin pies, but I'm so full, I don't think my stomach is capable of eating any anytime soon. XD
  2. Family. OMG, there is nothing I hate more than dealing with the family during the Holidays. Its so exhausting. :/
  3. I finally finished my Lolita pose set. Its been a bit exhausting to do, but I'm excited to be done with them. I just need to make the picks rewards gift, make ads, and stick them in the store. I'm hoping to be done with this by Sunday.
  4. There are a few things that have been on my head lately, but am unsure about them as of right now. However, I don't really want to blog about them until they are done, finished, sorted out, and for certain. So, its been draining my thoughts a bit. They are very awesome things that I'm very excited about, but - just needs to take some time to come to reality. ^^
So, I am stuffed full with foods, tired, exhausted, and bleh feeling, but, I am quite happeh! \o/