So, I've been somewhat busy this week! While I was wandering around my land, I came to the realization that I had tons of space unused. I really only wanted a smaller plot of land when I bought it, but I wanted extra land for the prims. OMG, I'm such a prim hog! But anyway, I decided to make my pond bigger, to use up some extra space. I mean, I pay for it, I might as well use it all, right?


The first thing I did was go out and purchase the two adorable HPMD bunnies that I've been wanting, ever since I seen them on Laleeta's land. These are what I molded my new pond around :D


I think they are totally awesome, and have poses built into them! XD


I do think the new pond turned out pretty well. Its much bigger now, and I put in a couple more trees, and I enjoy it :D With the size of it, can it really be called a pond anymore? Or is it a lake now? *Scratches chin*

In addition to making my pond bigger, I've also been working on some new poses that I finally finished last night! These are inspired from "Red Carpet" events, and gave me a chance to use the huge stack of People magazines that my roommate/cousin brings home from the grocery store every week.


I am actually pleased with these. My main concern with these type of poses, was that they were going to end up looking the same. Because, as I flipped through the magazines looking at the poses, actors/musicians really only stand a few ways as they pose for pictures. But luckily, I had so many magazines with so many pictures, I didn't have much trouble at all with it. ^^

I still need to make ads for these, and I hope to have this set, as well as the couple's pose finished and in the store by Friday :D

And yes. I really do go out in public looking like that. O.o;