So, I dragged Kamian away from building, to come explore a sim with me! It's actually really weird to go explore with someone else again. I've been exploring sims for a while by myself, that it just doesn't really seem fun anymore. So, to have someone to roam around with, actually brought some fun back into it for me. ^^

I had to warn him beforehand that I took TONS of pictures of everything and everyone, and he was pretty patient with me as I took all the pictures I wanted. And, he even took a few of his own :P

So, I dragged him away to the "Rez" sim. It reminds me a little of AM Radio's builds (such as The Far Away and The Quiet), and also a bit like ChouChou. But, its really beautiful.


The really sad thing, is that it's a OpenSpace sim, so it might be going poof soon, with the new LL rate changes and stuff. So, I think - if you want to check it out, it might be best to hurry up and see it, just in case ^^


It kind of had the tone of a old, rundown small town, that was abandoned, and left to fall apart.


My PC doesn't like to capture glow with high-res snapshots, but this was actually really pretty in here, with light rays and all. ^^ Even writing on the wall, which didn't make much sense to me.


Some parts of this sim were just eerie and creepy. Like, seriously.


Though, it does make for some pretty awesome pictures ^^


There are a couple wheelchairs around the sim. One is even flipped over and broken, in a bunch of bloody smears :O


I used the "Blizzard" windlight setting to take my pictures, which I think was perfect because of all the falling snow around.


Kamian suggested the tracks look like the ones from the anime movie, Spirited Away, and they really do.


I snapped a picture of him, and I didn't think he was expecting it at the time. (Hey, I did warn him that I take lots of pictures, and he should be prepared to be blogged! :P)


I also managed to snap a few pictures of us. I tend to do this with every sim I explore - get at least one photo of me in the sim, with whoever I visit with xD


Also managed to get another one. It was a really beautiful place, and it's really been a long time since I visted something so interesting and pretty.

In-World Location: Rez (128, 128, 0)