So, I've been doing a bit of grid-hopping with Kamian, and I still think its fun! This time, I don't know how it started, but we got the idea to go to Victorianna Castle. I was there a long time ago, before my blogger blog, and it still had a few places that were being worked on, I think.

This was also the perfect time to get all dressed up in theme and have fun, so I scoped out the most adorable gothic-lolita dress I can find (with help from tons of plurky people!).


Victorianna is an impressive build, really. Its quite old, and can probably be made even more awesome by SL's modern sculpties now - but, I think it's still amazing.


And, with all these prims used, I find it pretty amazing that its located on mainland! How did they manage that? :O


And no matter which camera angle you use - it still looks amazing XD


The part that was unfinished last time I visited, turned out to be a ballroom! Beautiful, and well done, but still makes a single Sai very sad. :P


I didn't explore all of it with Kamian though, because we happened to find this gigantor chair and sat there for half the time talking xD


And, my attire for the exploration! Aisuru asked me a little while ago to do poses for poofy dresses, so when I seen this, I was totally inspired to do Poofy Dress/Lolita poses! I plan on making them really cutesy-like, so I'm going to have fun with this series of poses :D

In-World Location: Victorianna Castle, Hogback (52, 186, 109)