OMG, I'm feeling so much better now without a toothache, so back to blogging I go! I mentioned a few posts ago that - I got tired of my little black house, and decided to move on to a bigger, lighter colored home. So, I went back to Pixel Mode and purchased a beautiful home - The Fallingbridge.

Now for my rant. It wasn't long before I realized: this house does not have lockable doors. I live next to a club, and it seems random people like to come up to my door, so lockable doors is a must for me. I was shocked that this home wasn't equipped with them, so I sent the creator a notecard about it a few days after purchasing.

Over a week later, I received no answer. I decided I was done waiting, and spent ALL NIGHT last night working with these doors and trying to find a script that works with multi-prim double doors. I finally found some, which worked awesome! OMG, thank you for offering these scripts for so cheap, Scripts'R'Us! All I really had to do was drop them in and go. \o/

So, here is a preview of the house, as of last night:


However. In my half angry state of "omg this stupid doors", I got the not-so-smart idea to mod my house. It is a beautiful house with 3 rooms, a hallway and a large bedroom, but I've been having sooooo much trouble deciding what to put in 3 separate rooms. So, my idea was, to take out walls, and just make it one giant room. Well.... epic fail!


I now have this HUGE room that I have absolutely no idea what to do with. Seriously, I'm clueless ;_; I already have a couch and a fireplace, and a bedroom - so, I'm stumped on this room. I also got another idea to retexture the floor. Note to self: No SL while angry! :O


I got a dog too! I call him Chevy, and he is kinda fun to share the house with. It does suck being in this house alone, so having Chevy to play with is cool. He is one of Zooby's new Ultimate Pets that interact with toys. Very cool :D