Hi guys! Today I am happeh happeh! I've been struggling with the Pixel Mode house I purchased a few weeks ago. It has tons of wall space to fill, and too many rooms. I attempted to take out the walls and create a huge room - but it ended in total fail.

So, I went hunting down a new house. I went everywhere I could think of, and ended up somewhere I've never been before. This place didn't have their houses out on display to see, but I thought one looked so cute in the picture, I had to buy it.


I am so pleased with it. Its much easier to furnish than the Pixel Mode was, and I love all the windows in it. It came with the kitchen, the fireplace and shelves in the bedroom, which is awesome. I plan on posting more pictures later on - when I get it all furnished.

But, I did come across a few really annoying problems. The windows do not tint. This is quite important to me, because when I organize inventory, I am often on my pose stand naked, and the Envision covenant says no public nekkie! So, I purchased some window tint on SLX, dropped the scripts in, and went :D Also - the doors didn't lock. I brought out my awesome scripts from Scripts R Us, and popped them in the doors - yay! Works!

Also - the house originally had a pool. But, why would I have a pool, when I have a whole ocean and pond? So, I took it out, and made it a concrete slab - perfect place for a spa :D