I've played with various sculptie tools: Blender, Maya, SculptyPaint, and most recently, zBrush. I've also tried in-world sculptie tools, starting with SLoft, now I am attempting a little contraption called Mango's Sculptie Generator. I've been trying every single sculpt program I can find to create three seemingly simple things: a "U" shape, an "S" shape, and a pair of sculpted shoes. But omg - it seems every program I have tried, I get incredibly ticked off, and uninstall/delete it out of utter frustration.

However, I seem to be getting relatively good results with this funky semi-cheap program - Mango's Sculptie Generator. It takes a bit of patience (which believe me - I have barely any of), and a lot of experimenting. This has a tutorial video which seems totally out of date, and no instructions. So, when I started playing with this, I had no idea what I was doing. I only knew that I am supposed to move the little balls, and what the 4 buttons did.

Possibly a Shoe

I have gotten farther with this than I have ever gotten with any other sculptie maker. I am currently attempting a shoe, which I have the basic skeleton down, I think. I think its at least starting to resemble a shoe ^.^ So, I am totally happy. :D It will definitely take me a few months to complete the main heel sculptie, but I am up for the challenge - now that I have a basic idea what I am doing.

Another View of my could Be Shoe

One thing: I have no idea what to do when I finish the sculpted prim. The video shows you sit on something that rezzes, so you can get a snapshot of the prim sculpt map. However - I can not seem to get the thing to rez. (Like I said - the video is totally outdated). I really, really, wish the creator would spend some time working on an instruction manual to make it easier. I'd really hate IM him asking him a question like this - but I don't think I will have much of a choice.

I have been working on this non-stop since Saturday night, and I tell you - I am almost at the point where I never want to look at a sculpted prim again. But I think the most difficult part of this Mango's Sculptie Generator is trying to figure out where to begin. When you start it up, all you have is a bunch of spheres and lines - its quite important to have a good image in your head what you want the finished outcome to look like. Me - I am just experimenting and trying to figure things out the hard way XD