I think I may be the only one who absolutely loves the Dazzle interface. I had really loved it before Windlight® became the main viewer, but I hated the old Second Life skies that it had - so I never used it. I've been hearing about this new ARC feature that Dazzle has, and considering I have plans to go to the Bellagio for a wedding fashion show today, I was curious about how much lag the outfit that took me 5 hours to decide on would cause.

So, I downloaded the Dazzle viewer, expecting to see the old, crappy Second Life skies. However, I was totally shocked to see the newer skies on there. O_O So, I think the Dazzle viewer will become my new favorite one. ^.^ I was also happy to see my outfit was 844 ARC - still in the yellow, but better than in the red.

And while I am on the subject of the new skies, I have to say: I think Atmospheric Rendering with avatars look like crap. I think the rendering looks amazing with scenery photos, and pictures of things - but when it comes to avatars, I haven't seen a single preset that looks somewhat decent. The avatars look white, washed out, and blah. There are a few fashion blogs on the feed that use settings that make the clothing look terrible. Especially skins. Seriously, taking pictures with washed out presets is soooo bad. What were my favorite blogs - after the switch to the new viewer - became my least favorites now.

Personally, I never have the atmospheric rendering on. One: because most of the time, my PC can not handle it. Second: I can not get anything to look right. I had tried several presets - including the praised Caliah Lyon's settings, but still doesn't look right. I am at the point where I don't really care what I look like in other people's viewers. I will keep my 7 face lights and no pretty skies... as long as I look good to myself. ^.^